So after two hundred comics, the project I started because I was burnt out has begun to burn me out as well. What’s worse for me is that the comics themselves just aren’t that funny or interesting right now. I intended this thing to be crazy and out there content-wise but it hardly ever does anything that really pushes the envelope of good taste or anything like that. And when combined with the constant trips to Alabama and caring for my wife Hilary, it’s been just another source of stress lately.

But this doesn’t really mean a hiatus or anything. More like the comic is going to be changing over to an even more erratic update schedule than it’s already on. I’ll finish up these next few pages and then start just putting up comics when I have ideas that are actually funny to me or seem interesting. I don’t want to be making comics just for the sake of making comics, and I could really use the down time to polish the comics I’ve already done for print.

In more cheerful news, the Errant Story Commentary Track will switch to updating five pages a week on January 1, 2013, since we ought to be far enough ahead by then.