Wow, holy crap, my new comic is finally starting… sortof.  To be more exact, it is in a state of approximate starting-ness.  This is something of a soft launch for us to get all the kinks out and make sure everything is in place for when the comic really starts and fresh delicious new comics start going up every Monday through Friday. This is also known as “stalling.”

Does Not Play Well With Others  is actually a comic that I’ve really been looking forward to doing for a long time.  I’ve really missed doing a gag-a-day type of comic, and I’ve been collecting all these absurd little ideas to include here, and revisiting some older humorous ideas that never got to shine in the past as well.  I’ve been working hard at building up a backlog so that I can stick to the new schedule, and I really hope that you’ll enjoy this new webcomic as much as I have been enjoying making it.

For the first couple of weeks while we make sure everything is working properly, we’ll be running various proto-comics with Naga and Fran on the same weekdaily schedule that I plan to use for the actual comics. I hope that it creates a weird sortof evolutionary picture of the characters as they have developed over the last five years, or at least keeps you moderately entertained until the real fun starts.

So now please sit back, relax, and endure the proto- comics while I finish putting my metaphorical webcomic pants on.