Right now, Hilary and I are packing to move to South Korea, which as you’d expect, is a process that eats up a lot of time.  The plan is to leave in February, and few months later the lion’s share of our stuff will be shipped over to us. We already have made arrangements for a rental house to stay at for the first month while we look for a more permanent residence.  I will be able to keep producing comics during that period, jet lag and travel times notwithstanding.

Now, why are we moving to South Korea?  Well, Hilary is going to school there, and as for me, I’m getting rather sick of Ohio and would like a change of pace and location. Plus, I can do comics just about anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Basically, this post was just to let you guys know what going on over the next few months, during an especially busy time in our lives.