As part of my Patreon campaign I’ve been doing regular art streams where patrons can submit whatever crazy shit crosses their mind as a suggestion for me to draw.

Such as “Jon from Errant Story, riding a robotic bear that shoots sharks from its eyes, which in turn shoot laser beams from theirs.”  Also I tend to babble inanely while drawing these things, because my brain doesn’t quite seem to function properly while drawing.

The latest stream even had a request for the Dong-Smith from this Something Positive comic.  And while drawing,  I started talking with the people watching the stream about the concept, and it became some sort of horrible parody of the opening of the first Conan movie, only with the Dong-Smith forging the greatest and best sex toy for his daughter, but then once it is done, placing it behind a rock until she was old enough to handle its awesome might…

…and then we talked about how, on second thought, that was actually kind of unbelievably creepy, but in a sweet way.

So yeah, all this was totally just a thinly veiled commercial for my Patreon campaign. Thanks for reading, and click here to contribute.