Support the comic!

Since the comic has been pretty stalled out lately, I decided to try something different to get me back into the swing of creating comics on a regular basis. I created a Patreon campaign so that I could set some solid goals in a way that also lets me interact more with those of you who choose to support the comic. I’m going to keep working on comics whether you all support the campaign or not, but with all the editing work on Errant Story I’ve been finding it hard to make it a priority, so this is really about motivating me to make it a regular thing again.

How does this work? Basically, you sign up to tip me however much per page. Patreon tracks how many new comics I post, and then every so often it takes payment from you. You can also set a limit if you’re worried I’ll start updating wildly and exceed your budget. When enough people are contributing so that the cumulative page rate exceeds $50 per page, then I’ll start updating at a guaranteed rate of one page per week. At $100 per page, it’ll be two pages a week, and then there are a couple other cool bonus goals after that.

So, yeah, I basically want to try this new way of whoring myself out in the hope it will motivate my ass to start creating comics again. You get a really budget-friendly way to support the comic, I get a good way of seeing that people still want me to update, and my bank gets me to hopefully pay my bills on a more regular basis. Everybody wins, so go check out the campaign and kick my ass into gear, okay?