I’m accepting commissions only for single characters at this time. Dungeons and Dragon, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, etc. If it goes well, I will continue character commissions and add group shot options as well. Email me if you have any questions; caffeinejitsu@gmail.com
One Character- Portrait: $35
One Character- Full-Body: $50

COLOR- (cell-shaded or full shading)
One Character- Portrait: $50
One Character- Full-Body: $80

I’m going to warn you up front that I’m shit at drawing animals, so keep that in mind before you request your werewolf, dragonborn, weird ass man bird person thing characters.
Send Inquiry to my email – caffeinejitsu@gmail.com
I will only start a commission once I’ve received payment price.
Payment is through Paypal invoice
I reserve the right to reject a commission request.
Please send brief description of character, visual references are a huge plus.
100 dollar tier Patrons can request a commission once a month for free.