Impy here with an update about the comic!

The good news is, we went back to America for a vacation! Seeing my family was great. We had TWO Thanksgivings! America was surprisingly mostly not actually on fire yet. We sold some books to one very persistent fan (hi there!), and packed up ALL of the original comic art to bring it back to Korea with us so we can go back to editing in the down time between semesters. All was going according to plan…

Unfortunately, then Poe found out his mom had experienced some health troubles while we were in Korea, and the plan got a bit derailed after that. He went to visit her, of course, so we wound up moving his flight and splitting up our luggage. And our luggage was already super full from all that original art, so Poe had no room for clothes except in his backpack, in which he had to make the room by sending his Cintiq home with me, instead. So there’s no comic, because he can’t really make one without the Cintiq. Sorry about that.

Barring disaster, Poe will be back in Korea on Friday, so in theory he’ll be recovered from his jet lag and able to comic again in time for an update next week.