As anyone who watches this site has probably noticed, we’ve been having a lot of problems lately. Our updating schedule has fallen apart, and we’ve started missing release dates. You’d think with one comic about to end, things would actually be getting easier for us to keep up with, but it’s been more hectic than ever. In addition to all the changes and projects for the comics (and all the complications that go with that transition), Real Life has been kicking our asses. My dad’s estate has been kind of a mess to sort out, with half a dozen 800 mile round-trips to Muscle Shoals and back so far, and Hilary keeps getting sick. I’ve been overwhelmed by the stress, and Hilary especially has had a hard go of it all. Frankly it is also really starting to take its toll on the comic and the quality of the last chapter of Errant Story has really suffered for it. We just haven’t been able to catch our breath, and until we do, things are going to keep slipping.

That is why we’ve got to take a step back and put everything on hiatus, everything that is not the actual comics, I mean. The store, the books, the Errant Tales project, everything that is not Errant Story or Does Not Play Well With Others is being put to the side for a little bit while we try to get Real Life in order, so that in the moments to spare I can focus on going back to getting the comics done and up to my satisfaction. Now what this means is that any book project we already started and put up for pre-order is being put on a temporary hold, and for the time being the store will be closed to any new orders. If you’ve already placed an order, Hilary will be contacting you about your options. Both comics WILL continue to run on the website as normal, (and hopefully actually on schedule, too). We will gradually add stuff back as we get clear enough so that we can realistically maintain it, and we’ll take the opportunity of having everything shut down to make sure that when we do bring something back, it’s better than when we put it on hold.

To sum it up; we have to slow non-comic things down so Hilary and I don’t die, but we will continue to get the actual comics up for all of you. We hope you’ll tolerate everything while we try and get ourselves fixed up, and we sincerely appreciate your patience with us so far.